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Cardiac Consultation


 At Mountain Heart, we deliver the full spectrum of quality cardiovascular care to help prevent and treat heart-related illnesses.  Using the most advanced technology, and the latest in innovative treatments, we provide world-class heart care, conveniently close to home.

Early detection and treatment of heart disease can significantly reduce patient’s risk of serious complications such as stroke, heart attack or heart failure. A cardiac consultation is an opportunity for patients to speak one-on-one with one of our Board Certified Interventional Cardiologists about individual cardiac issues including current symptoms, personal risks and lifestyle habits that can contribute to these factors.

During a cardiac consultation, our team will evaluate your medical history and perform a physical examination or schedule diagnostic tests to determine risks of developing certain heart conditions and assess overall health prior to treatment.

Our doctors also provide all patients with effective techniques to help prevent heart disease including losing weight, improving nutrition, and increasing physical activity.

Meet our Cardiology Team

Pre-operative Assessment


 A preoperative risk assessment is a consultation with one of our Board Certified Interventional Cardiologists to discuss cardiovascular related surgery preparation including medication instructions prior to surgery and risks during surgery.

Our cardiologists may order diagnostic testing to determine heart function and determine the level of risk associated with a surgical procedure from a cardiovascular standpoint.

Pre-op Direct Line: 928-226-6415

Hospital Based Cardiology Services


Time is muscle. Advanced Technology allows our interventional cardiologists to intervene and interrupt the heart damage occurring during a cardiovascular event. Simply put, when a cardiovascular emergency arises it’s important to have an experienced, local cardiologist that can assist you through your cardiovascular event, monitor your care throughout your stay at the hospital, and provide continuity of care to ensure the best health outcomes going forward.

Our Board Certified Interventional Cardiologists are on-call for emergencies 24 /7/365. Ask for a Mountain Heart Cardiologist and let our experts provide you with the patient care experience you deserve.

Care Coordination and Patient Support after a Cardiovascular Event
When a patient leaves the hospital, our Certified Hospital Based Physician Assistant Mackenzie Lurie, PA-C ensures each patient understands discharge instructions including medications, and recommended clinical follow up at Mountain Heart. Mountain Heart seeks to help patients avoid hospital readmission by providing the support necessary to help keep patients healthy following a cardiovascular event.

Diagnostic Testing


Mountain Heart offers comprehensive cardiovascular diagnostic testing at the lowest possible price point.

Our commitment to excellence in patient care is demonstrated through Accreditation in echocardiography, nuclear medicine, and vascular services.

Device Clinics


Device clinics are a non-invasive evaluation of the battery life remaining on an implanted device and a review of patient symptoms. Since devices are battery operated, they require periodic monitoring to ensure they perform the moment a patient needs them. Mountain Heart provides device check-ups for all brands of pacemakers and ICDs, both in the office and through our Remote Monitoring Program.

For Non-Mountain Heart Patients

If you need a pacemaker or ICD check and have not established care with our Electrophysiologist, Dr. Renzo Cataldo, please call for a consultation today. Device battery checks are an important part of preventing sudden cardiac death. 

Cardiac Conditioning


De Rosa Physical Therapy has been providing experienced care to Flagstaff for nearly 30 years.

The Cardiac Conditioning and Wellness Center embedded at Mountain Heart  assists patients with integrating exercise into their lifestyle to improve cardiovascular health and quality of life.

Cardiac Conditioning and Wellness assists patients with Phase I and Phase II Cardiac Conditioning following a cardiovascular event. In addition, the skilled physical therapists work with patients individually to improve functional movement, balance, mobility, and basic strength training.

To Make an Appointment call:  928-226-6402 

Graduates of the Cardiac Conditioning and Wellness program are invited and encouraged to transition into members of the Summit Fitness and Mountain Heart Wellness Center.  Visit Summit Health and Fitness for more info.

Sleep Consultation


Mountain Heart offers a comprehensive approach to treating sleep disorders. Our Board Certified Sleep Specialists provide a sleep consultation including a review of sleep history, physical exam, lab testing, imaging, and diagnostic procedures that help determine the cause of sleep disturbances to accurately diagnose patients and help improve quality of sleep.

Meet our Sleep Team

DME Services


Our Durable Medical Equipment (DME) team provides compassionate, coordinated, and courteous care in a clean, friendly environment to support patients and improve overall sleep quality. Our Respiratory Therapist works with our patients individually to overcome obstacles to therapy. If you are struggling with your mask fit, have a question regarding your therapy, or simply need a replacement part, please leave us a message in the DME voicemail at 928-226-6430 with your concerns and a Mountain Heart representative will return your call as quickly as possible. Please allow 2 business days for processing requests.

Mask Fittings

Mountain Heart offers over 100 masks on-site to ensure that every patient finds a comfortable mask with a good seal around the face without over-tightening. Mountain Heart offers a 30 day mask guarantee allowing our team of experts to help find the right fit for our patients. Our Respiratory Therapist is available to answer questions and guide patients through the process of finding the right fit, so our patients feel better faster.

Streamlined Re-Supply System

We have taken the waiting out of re-supply. Mountain Heart has made re-ordering DME supplies easy for patients with automatic shipping to ensure patients never run out of clean, effective equipment. 

Replacement parts

Replacing masks and accessories regularly helps to decrease risk of bacteria build up, skin irritation, and helps ensure patient comfort.

Our goal is to increase CPAP compliance by providing the patient with the support they need. PAP naps and physician consultation are also available to help patients overcome obstacles that may prevent full utilization of directed therapy.

Sleep Testing


 Sleep Testing is used to determine the quality and quantity of sleep a patient is experiencing.  Mountain Heart Accredited Sleep Facility offers complete sleep management which includes a sleep consultation with a Board Certified Sleep Physician who may order a sleep study. Our selection of sleep studies range from baseline diagnostic tests to advanced occupational fitness testing, dental device efficacy, and symptom specific testing.  Every effort is made for patients to obtain accurate testing in a timely and efficient manner.

Mountain Heart offers the following tests:

Diagnostic Sleep Study (Baseline)

Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Titration Study

Split-Night Sleep Study

Adaptive Servo Ventilation (ASV) Titration

Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)

Maintenance Wakefulness Test (MWT)


Oral Appliance Efficacy Study