An Introduction to Guided Meditation

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Track OneRecommended for those unsure about meditation or short are short on time. This is a short introduction to guided meditation, touching on the concepts of sitting, breathing, being in the present moment, and using breath to soften areas of discomfort.


Track Two Ten Minute Meditation, Recommended for Everyone
Similar to Track One with additional focus on posture, attention to breath and the present moment, and focusing on the wandering mind. This track provides a 90 second stretch of silence to practice.


Track ThreeNine Minute Guided Imagery for Healthy Cells and Pain Reduction, Recommended for those dealing with Cancer or other illness. Learn to strengthen the body’s innate healing ability, cleanse the mind/body with breath, release thoughts, create inner peace and softness, release pain and tension with breath.


Track Four- Thirteen Minute Guided Imagery for the Caregiver. Recommended for those who provide care to others.
Relax and Replenish your energy, release tension, take a mental vacation without worry or responsibility, strengthen your ability to care for yourself and others.


Track Five- Fifteen minutes to Gain Perspective. Recommended for those who are stressed, anxious or overly busy.
Use your own cycles of breath to find and maintain a sense of balance. Find stability, purpose, and perspective in the present moment.


Track Six- 20 minute Body Scan. Recommended for Everyone, especially those with pain/discomfort.
Gain a deep sense of relaxation as you notice each part of your body individually. Identify and separate areas of comfort from areas of discomfort. Cultivate awareness and acceptance. (This track is used with permission from Nicollette Sachs, LCSW)


For more information on Mindfulness Based Stress-Reduction:
Northern Arizona Class- Dr. Susan Patrick, 928-863-1379
Free Online Class- www.palousemindfulness.com
Book- Full Catastrophe Living, by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn